VisoMoov© Teacher Training

Invitation to join an international VisoMoov© teacher training with Mooven!

We face a global disaster worldwide because of COVID 19. In most countries everyone must stay at home. Many suffer from loneliness and inactivity. Videos, guidelines and tools have been developed online to get everyone physically active but in most cases there is no individualization nor interaction.

Mooven is a ressource center combining expertise, innovation, and research on APA. Mooven offers digital services and human accompaniment through VisioMoov© allowing everyone benefit from quality personalized online and live physical activity programs adapted to each one’s living context, health, etc. In order to reach as many persons as possible, we need qualified VivioMoov© trainers all over the world.

Mooven proposes a teacher training of VisoMoov© teachers who will train APA VisioMoov© coaches.
This VisoMoov© teachers training is supported by IFAPA and the UNESCO Chair “Transforming the lives of people with disabilities through PE, Sport, Fitness and Recreation”.

The first VisoMoov© teacher training will start the first week of June


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