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Get embarked on the UFIT Journey and show your commitment to inclusion through sport and fitness.

Sign the Marseille Declaration to encourage the fitness industry to foster greater social inclusion of people with disabilities and chronic conditions.


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UFIT Recognized Club

UFIT aims to provide international recognition to all health and fitness clubs that are already using structures and resources to be inclusive.

We are gathering examples of current good practice in the industry to show everyone what people can achieve through fitness!

*Due to the global pandemic, for a limited time, this process will be for free! A nominal fee (starting from 10€) will be charged in the future. Discounted rates for more than one club are available.


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UFIT Champion

As UFIT Champion, you will engage with the UFIT Capacity Building Package and transform your club to stand out in the industry and in your community.

The UFIT Capacity Building Package is an innovative process-oriented learning experience that will empower your managers, instructors, personal trainers and all staff in your club & enable them to offer a high quality service for all users, including those with disabilities and chronic conditions.

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Become a UFIT Champion

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Become a UFIT Champion


UFIT Ambassador

UFIT Ambassadors are operators providing a very high level of inclusivity and are recognized as leaders.

Ambassador clubs are assessed to determine eligibility.


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Become a UFIT Champion

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