UFIT and iPrescribe Exercise: A personal exercise prescription for everyone!

UFIT and iPrescribe Exercise are partnering to increase the participation levels of physical activity among people with disabilities and chronic conditions.

What is iPrescribe Exercise?

iPrescribe Exercise is a free, evidence-based app which analyses your health, current fitness level, disease status and resting heart rate, and produces a personalised 12-week physical activity plan that is tailored to your needs and will transform your life.

How does this work?

By entering some simple health information the iPrescribe Exercise app can help build a 12 week physical activity programme that is specific to your health needs. Your programme will gradually increase in time and exercise intensity, but you will remain in control at all stages of the process.

  1. Medical Screening:  The app starts with a simple medically validated screening tool.  The purposes of the pre-participation health screening are to  identify people with medical contraindications that will be excluded until their condition is under control or until they have been reviewed by a medical professional.
  2. Data Input: The app will then ask you for some information about your health, this helps to build your exercise plan  The app will take a measure of your resting heart which using either your phone’s camera flash, or an Apple Watch (if you have one).  You should be resting for at least 5 minutes before this reading.
  3.  Risk Profile: Your health inputs will generate a colour coded risk profile for your health (green, amber or red).  This is based on known parameters for cardiovascular and metabolic disease risk.  We can tell you what this means, what the risk is, and what the ideal range should be.
  4. Chronic disease and medication: You will have the option to select any combination of 20 chronic health conditions that the app can specifically target with tailored exercise.  The app also asks if you are on any medications that will affect your heart rate or rhythm.
  5. Optional 6-minute walking test: You will have the option to complete an audio-guided 6-minute walking test where the app will measure the total distance covered in that time via GPS tracking.  This is a validated medical test which provides information about your current fitness level and provides a bench mark figure that can be repeated at 6 weeks and 12 weeks to measure your progress.
  6. Personal exercise plan: Your health data will generate a personalised 12-week exercise prescription plan (scroll through to see your prescription for exercise intensity minutes and steps).  If you have a good health profile and good level of fitness, you will also be offered exercise at high intensity.

Let’s get started!

  1. Download the iPrescribe App
  2. Set up your profile using the code “UFIT”
  3. You can start now incorporating physical activity into your daily routine!


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