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LaBlast Fitness® is a partner-free dance fitness workout created by the three-times World-Champion dancer and fitness expert Louis van Amstel (10 seasons on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars). LaBlast accessible for all ability – from the absolute beginner to the experienced dancer. LaBlast takes you through a diverse mix of famous ballroom dances set to your favorite music, everything from pop and rock to hip-hop and country. Experience the full array of dance styles from Jive to Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz to Lindy Hop. Whether you want to tone your body, maintain a healthy lifestyle, learn to dance, or just have a great time, LaBlast offers something for everyone.

UFIT LaBlast

UFIT LaBlast is a course that has been collaboratively develop to help LaBlast instructors to adapt their classes for individuals with disabilities and chronic conditions. At the end of this course, attendees are able to:

  1. Demonstrate personal and professional readiness to facilitate the involvement of people with disabilities
  2. Prepare for the inclusion of people with disabilities
  3. Communicate effectively with people with disabilities
  4. Articulate the value of working with allied professionals regarding inclusion of people with disabilities
  5. Demonstrate ability to adapt for the individual considerations with which people with disabilities may present
  6. Plan an effective LaBlast program for people with disabilities
  7. Implement the UFIT LaBlast program effectively

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