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At this stage, you should understand the V’s and P’s of the Universal Transformational Management Framework (UTMF). Thus, using the UTMF, you can outline a plan for action that will inclusivize their services and expand their reach in their local community, in turn providing the many health benefits to a wider customer base, many of whom have previously been excluded. Provide the following instructions: - Consider each of the V’s and P’s and identify current practice that enhances your organisations UniversAbility. - Consider each of the V’s and P’s and identify an action that you are confident you and your colleagues/staff can undertake (Note: You do not have to identify an action under every element). - Write this under the implementation column and place a deadline. When considering this, determine the implications for budgets, expert/specialist knowledge, etc. - When you have identified all the action items, go back to the start to consider what mechanisms you will put in place to monitor and evaluate the difference that the changes are making to key performance indicators of your organisation. - Finally, consider what new procedures you will need to embrace to ensure that the actions are sustained in the long term, e.g., staff training, new management software, etc.